MICRODYN-NADIR investing heavily in Water and Wastewater



WIESBADEN, Germany -- MICRODYN-NADIR, the water filtration business unit of MANN+HUMMEL and a global membrane leader, continues to invest heavily in the water and wastewater industry.

Last month, MICRODYN-NADIR debuted a new MICRODYN BIO-CEL® MBR module at IFAT 2018 in Munich. The new MICRODYN BIO-CEL L module offers 360-degree access, which makes membrane systems easier to clean and maintain.

Its open access design is a first for the BIO-CEL product line. Thanks to this new design, MICRODYN BIO-CEL L module offers more effective cleaning to ensure longer operating life and performance that will not diminish over time. The BIO-CEL module will also be easier to access and safer for operators to perform regular maintenance.

Along with its “self-healing” properties, easier maintenance, stability, and reliability help set apart MICRODYN BIO-CEL L from competitive MBR membrane modules.

The debut of the new BIO-CEL L module coincided with the grand opening of MICRODYN-NADIR’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas. The 27,000-square-foot facility will produce the BIO-CEL MBR product line, which was previously -- and will continue to be -- built and assembled at MICRODYN-NADIR’s global headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany.  

Also taking place in 2018, MICRODYN-NADIR increased its focus on reverse osmosis (RO) in the water industry by purchasing OLTREMARE S.p.A. (Fano, Italy) and expanding its MICRODYN RO product line. The product line was launched last year with the MICRODYN RO 8040-BW-400 brackish water membrane element. During the first quarter of 2018, MICRODYN-NADIR added 440-square-foot high active area elements, low energy elements and 4040 elements to the product range.

With this expansion, MICRODYN-NADIR now offers brackish water RO products for nearly all industrial water purification requirements, including high solute rejection and lower energy usage. MICRODYN RO elements are ideal for directly replacing competitive RO elements and are available globally.

Already a global leader in customized membrane products for use throughout the process and specialty industries, MICRODYN-NADIR is now changing the way customers treat their water and wastewater.

For high resolution images of MICRODYN BIO-CEL® MBR, MICRODYN RO, and all our other outstanding products, please visit the ‘Editor Resources’ page on our website.

MICRODYN-NADIR will be attending Singapore International Water Week at Sands Expo and Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from 8-12 July.

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