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MicroFlow - Maintenance-free Non-contacting Liquid Velocity Sensor


Source: Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd.

UK measurement specialist Pulsar Process Measurement's latest launch is MicroFlow, a microwave based non-contacting velocity sensor that mounts simply above a channel to provide maintenance-free, reliable, repeatable and accurate velocity measurement.

For flow volume measurement, velocity x area provides a cost-effective alternative to a channel restriction, such as a flume, and viable solution in situations where system hydraulics do not permit the installation of any primary measurement device.

MicroFlow can be used as a stand-alone device, outputting velocity data via RS485 Modbus with a measurement accuracy of ±0.033m/s or ±0.5% whichever is greater. The industry-standard data can be used for datalogging or alarm purposes, or processed further in a PLC. MicroFlow can also integrate with Pulsar's FlowCERT ultrasonic flow measurement controller and a transducer such as Pulsar's flow-dedicated dBMACH3 to create a complete open channel flow measurement system.

MicroFlow consists of a compact, lightweight low-cost sensor, and is simply installed on a bracket above the flow at a 45° angle. Loop power and straightforward RS485 PC set up means that connection is simple and quick. Signal processing is via Pulsar's well-proven digital algorithm and is development from the system first seen in their award-winning Flow Pulse device for measurement in closed pipes.

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