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Microlise CEO Signs Times Letter Backing EU Remain Vote


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We’ve no doubt you’re getting a bit sick and tired of hearing about the imminent EU referendum. It’s been non-stop since February with claim and counter claim reaching frenetic levels.

Throughout the campaign though, Microlise’s corporate position has not wavered. Today, CEO Nadeem Raza has added his name to a letter sent to the editor of The Times featuring 1,300 business leaders’ signatures backing the remain vote.

We’ve already seen the damage that uncertainty can do to the economy. Last week alone, just the mere inkling that the Leave vote might be taking a slim lead in the polls caused the pound to nosedive and investor confidence to fall.

The ramifications caused by such crises of confidence have real-world implications for business. Though we operate on an international basis, Europe is a key market for us and we would not want to risk uncertainty or place additional barriers between us and this vital trading arena.

The letter, published today in The Times, backs remaining in the EU with the simple argument that businesses and their employees benefit massively from being able to trade inside the world’s largest single market without barriers.

Our CEO has given full support to this premise and the notion that a future inside the EU is where we see more opportunities for investment, growth and new jobs.

At the Microlise Transport Conference in May, we polled the 1,000+ delegates in attendance and found that of those in the room, 44% backed Brexit while 41% thought remaining is preferable.

This could be one of the very rare times when our thinking does not align with the thinking of the majority in the road transport industry we serve. But having said that, since our survey, national polls have shown a change in sentiment towards remaining.

On the simple basis that remaining within the EU is the best option for business, we hope that voters from the road transport industry and the wider public, turn out in great numbers tomorrow to back the in vote.

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