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MICROmega subsidiary NCA receives SANAS accreditation


MICROmega's newly formed subsidiary NOSA Certification Authority ('NCA') has received its South African National Accreditation System (Proprietary) Limited ('SANAS') accreditation. This enables NCA to provide accredited ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental) certification. Whilst the demand for ISO certification continues to grow in South Africa, NCA will also benefit from its ability to leverage off its sister company's (namely NOSA) established infrastructure and broad client base. Despite being a new entity, NCA's management team has in excess of 20 years experience in the certification industry.

According to Craig Gordon-Bennett, Managing Director of NCA, 'there is an opportunity in the market for a certification company that is able to provide a reliable and value added service.' Gordon-Bennett commented further that most of the certification companies operating in South Africa are international and are therefore governed by the rules and regulations of their parent. This can make the process cumbersome and inefficient, which will not be the case with NCA. 'NCA is pleased to be listed as a South African based certification provider accredited against ISO 17021 and we are confident that we will provide thorough, cost effective and timely ISO certifications that are in high demand by local organisations', added Gordon-Bennett.

Greg Morris, Chief Executive Officer of MICROmega, stated 'NCA's SANAS accreditation will now enable the company (when working in collaboration with its sister company NOSA), to offer audits with multiple outcomes to suit the specific requirements of the extensive and diverse client base that NOSA has, thereby further entrenching NOSA's SHEQ risk management footprint, whi|le putting NCA on the map.'

In addition to providing ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, NCA is also able to provide OHSAS18001 (occupational health and safety) certification. 'Our objective is for NCA to become the market leader in certification and training, using the very best industry knowledge and skills available,' said Gordon-Bennett. 'To achieve this we commit to ensuring that our customers receive professional and efficient service at all times'. With established offices in all major regions across Southern Africa, NCA plans to meet client specific needs no matter how remote the location might be. 'Furthermore, we can assist organisations in transferring over to NCA from their existing service provider at no additional cost,' stated Gordon-Bennett.

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