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Micronor partners with Optoacoustics on Accelerometer Line


Source: Optoacoustics Ltd.

Micronor AG, a long-time leader in industrial automation components and sensing solutions, will partner with Optoacoustics Ltd to supply a comprehensive line of fiber optics-based accelerometers to customers in Switzerland and around the world.

Optoacoustics’ FOSA™ accelerometers provide extremely high performance remote monitoring of machine vibration with absolute EMI/RFI immunity. FOSA sensors are ideal for use in power generation and industrial equipment, high voltage areas, hazardous or harsh environments, and aerospace applications. The FOSA line includes both single and dual axis models, for sensing in up to two orthogonal directions.

“With the inclusion of Optoacoustics’ FOSA line, we feel certain our customers will benefit from a completely new range of sensing solutions,” said Micronor president Josef Kaelin. “Our 50 years in the field means we must commit only to the highest quality products -- FOSA is the best there is today.”

Optoacoustics CEO Dr. Yuvi Kahana expressed great satisfaction with Micronor’s selection of FOSA. “Teaming up with a leader like Micronor affirms the great future that our FOSA line has in a variety of industrial and environmental applications. We’re very excited about working with Josef and his team.”

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