Microseeps Biodegradation/Remediation Analytical Services


For over 25 years, Microseeps has supported the environmental and energy industries with cutting-edge analyses not provided by most commercial labs.

One of those analyses is low-level dissolved gases. When evaluating in-situ biodegradation, geochemical indicators over time and distance are critical. These indicators determine the success of fate & transport models and ultimate regulatory approval of remediation activities. 

Long gone are the days of COC reduction, daughter product production and eventual daughter reduction as adequate evidence for remdiation decisions. 

Many commercial labs report ethane & ethene at 10-20ug/L. Microseeps' reporting level is 0.01ug/L. The link below discusses independent research into Vinyl Chloride & Ethene Oxidation  and the importance of ethene detection levels below 1ug/L.

Critical Research into Low-Level Ethene Analysis

We would like to thank everyone that attended the Battelle conference in Jacksonville, FL and stopped by the Microseeps Booth.The discussion on this topic and our Compound Specific Isotope Analysis Sevices (CSIA) were great!

Microseeps' is often referred to as the insitu-biodegradation industry's consulting lab. We provide the less common, but necessary analyses in the environmental industry. You are a very important part of our success!

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