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Microvi Biotech to Launch Innovative Clean Technologies for Water Treatment


Source: Microvi Biotech LLC

Overland Park, KS – MICROVI BIOTECH, LLC, based in Overland Park, Kansas, is the world's only developer of unique, destructive, and clean biotechnology solutions for the treatment of water and annually updates its research and testing results on a number of new technologies.

Recognizing a luminous threat to the nation’s water supply, Microvi’s researchers have sought out waste-free, environmentally friendly, and low-cost solutions for eliminating water resources of damaging contaminants like nitrate, perchlorate, MTBE, and 1,4-dioxane.

'We are more excited about this year's update than any of our previous reviews,' Dr. Fatemeh Shirazi, President and Chief Technology Officer, said. 'Our overall progress is highlighted by the fact that three projects were advanced and/or added to our pipeline in 2006. To date, the results of these projects have widely exceeded industry expectations. Our R&D engine is really humming and we expect to launch a number of new clean technologies for water treatment this year”.

Among the projects that advanced was the development of a new process for one of the most emerging contaminants, nitrate, in the nation’s water resources. High levels of nitrate in groundwater and the lack of clean and effective solutions for nitrate treatment have created unprecedented need nationwide. We continue to bring uniquely engineered solutions based on our platform technology, highlighting clean and effective technologies heretofore not seen in the industry.

Microvi plans to publish the ground-breaking results of its new technologies’ progress in the coming months.

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