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Microvi Wins the 2020 Institute of Water Scottish Region Innovation Award


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Microvi Biotech, Inc. announced today that they received the 2020 Institute of Water Scottish Region Innovation Award.  In 2019 and 2020 Microvi successfully completed a series of large scale demonstrations of its MNE technology for removal of ammonia and BOD at Scottish Water’s Wastewater Development Centre located at Bo’ness Treatment Works. 

The demonstrations were the latest in several long-term projects confirming Microvi's wastewater technology has significant advantages over conventional wastewater treatment processes. They required a smaller footprint with versatility of application while removing BOD and ammonia to very low levels. The technology was simple to operate and maintain and can be easily implemented within existing infrastructure.

“The caliber of applications was extremely high this year which is testament to the significant work being progressed across the water industry as a whole” said Rebecca Skuce, Scottish Area Innovations Lead, Institute of Water. “However, Microvi’s application came out on top due to its novel approach to treatment which has the potential to revolutionise the way wastewater is treated in the future.”

“It is a privilege for Microvi MNE to be recognised by the Institute of Water as an Innovative technology. I’d like to thank Scottish Water and the Water Test Network in supporting our successful demonstration projects in 2019 and 2020,” said Ajay Nair, Global Director of Commercial and Technical Strategy at Microvi. “We look forward to participating in the Institute of Water’s UK final in September.”

The Scottish Innovation Award recognizes an individual, team or organization that has operated within the Scottish Area of the Institute of Water based in the UK. Microvi was selected by a master judging panel and will be put forward for the Institute of Water’s National Innovation Awards to occur in September. The Institute of Water provides a stage on which to recognize innovation in the UK water and sewerage sector. 

The Microvi MNE technology uses novel biocatalytic composites (MNE biocatalysts) that intensify and extend the capability of biological processes, while maintaining a controlled population of microorganisms at a much higher density than existing technologies. Despite the complexity of the MNE biocatalysts themselves, the design and operation of the MNE systems are simple with no complex process controls. In addition, Microvi MNE does not produce additional solids, and its implementation reduces energy and carbon requirements.

MNE technology has been successfully applied in a number of applications across the water, wastewater and bio-based chemicals sectors.  Along with other projects in the UK including one focused on removal of ammonia in cold temperatures, MNE technology was recently selected for the first full scale wastewater sidestream treatment project in the San Francisco Bay, and for drinking water projects at Hillview Water Company in Raymond, CA and Cucamonga Valley Water District.  

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