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Mid-Atlantic IAQ Expert Identifies Microbial Toxins in Indoor Environments

Sussex Environmental Health Consultants test for mold and mycotoxins to help ensure indoor environments are safe for building occupants.

Lewes, DE, July 9th, 2012 -- For many people who have been unfortunate to discover mold in their homes, school or office they often think of allergies and asthma.  Few people realize that many types of mold can also produce powerful toxins known as mycotoxins.  In fact, more than 200 mycotoxins have been identified from common molds, and many more will likely be discovered.


A mycotoxin is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by some types of fungi, also commonly referred to as mold.  Some molds can produce several mycotoxins, and other molds produce mycotoxins only under certain environmental conditions.   Mycotoxins may cling to the surface of mold spores and others may be found within the spores.


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Some of the molds that are known to produce mycotoxins are commonly found in moisture-damaged buildings. Exposure pathways for mycotoxins can include inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact.”


One Mid-Atlantic company that has been at the forefront of helping homeowners, schools and businesses test for mold, mycotoxins and other indoor air quality (IAQ) contaminants is Sussex Environmental Health Consultants (SEHC).  Susan White, Ph.D., CMC, President of SEHC was asked about human exposure to molds and mycotoxins and reported, “Many types of mold found in water damaged properties are known to produce mycotoxins.  A great deal of the current scientific research on exposure to mycotoxins comes from studies related to ingestion exposure.  More research is needed about inhalation exposure, but what is clear is that humans should avoid exposure to elevated levels of mold and mycotoxins.  Quite often people aren’t even aware that they are being exposed as many times we find mold growth in walls, ceiling cavities and other places out of visible sight.  A thorough inspection and testing services can quickly determine if a property has a problem with mold, mycotoxins or other IAQ contaminants.”


SEHC has sponsored a video about mold and mycotoxins that can be seen at:


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About Sussex Environmental Health Consultants, LLC

SEHC is a certified woman owned business that provides environmental and health and safety consulting services.  The company is located in the Mid-Atlantic and services clients nationwide.  SEHC provides solutions to clients ranging from homeowners to international Fortune 500 Corporations.

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