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Mid-Atlantic IAQ Expert Resolves Office Air Complaints

The indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals at Sussex Environmental Health Consultants identify and resolve air quality problems.

Lewes, DE, August 13th, 2012 -- Over time, the American public has become increasingly aware of the need for good indoor air quality in their homes to protect their health and their quality of life.  This same understanding of IAQ issues has grown in the office environment, where many people spend 40+ hours each week.


Unfortunately, many office buildings have significant indoor air pollution sources. These sources often include off-gassing from furnishings, occupant activities, housekeeping practices, pesticide applications, and even microbial contamination.


A factor greatly influencing the effect of these contamination sources, and the overall quality of indoor air quality in offices, is the HVAC system design, operation and maintenance. Problems with a HVAC system may result in inadequate ventilation, thermal discomfort and even the dispersal of chemical and microbial contaminants from other parts of the building or even from the HVAC system itself.


Since office workers generally have less control over the indoor environment in their offices than they do in their homes there are large numbers of reported health problems associated with office buildings.


One company that has dedicated their efforts to helping identify and resolve IAQ complaints in the office is Sussex Environmental Health Consultants (SEHC).  “Numerous well-identified illnesses have been directly traced to specific building problems,” reported Susan White, Ph.D., CMC, President of SEHC.     “Other times, building occupants may experience symptoms that do not fit the pattern of any particular illness and are difficult to trace to a specific source. People may complain of one or more of these symptoms.  These problems can be a challenge to resolve and when they do occur it is essential that a qualified IAQ consultant with extensive experience be utilized so that the problem, or problems, can be correctly identified and ultimately resolved,” she continued.


SEHC recently sponsored an educational video about IAQ issues in office environments that can be seen at:


To learn more about indoor air quality problems or other environmental issues, please visit, email or call (302) 947-1810.


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SEHC is a certified woman owned business that provides environmental and health and safety consulting services.  The company is located in the Mid-Atlantic and services customers nationwide.  SEHC provides solutions to clients ranging from homeowners to international Fortune 500 Corporations.

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