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MID/ OIML custody transfer approval for LNG


Source: Endress Hauser AG

Coriolis meter Promass 84F features recognized metrological approvals

We are proud to announce that our already proven Promass F Coriolis flow meter is now approved for custody transfer of cryogenic fluids such as LNG.


  • Designed for custody transfer - featuring worldwide recognized metrological approvals
  • Robust flow measurement at cryogenic temperatures
  • Space-saving installation - compact devices requiring no inlet/ outlet runs

We have obtained custody approvals according to Annex MI-005 (liquids other than water).

Accuracy: Class 1.5 according to OIML R-117 (MI-005) and Class 2.5 according to OIML R81. The approval cover line sizes from 3/8' to 10' (DN8 to DN250)

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