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Middle East Distributor For Environment Friendly Water Treatment Products


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Fluid Dynamics Extends Worldwide Distribution Network

Fluid Dynamics International, Manufacturer of environment friendly non chemical water treatment systems  has appointed Linah Agricultural of Cairo  Egypt to be their distributor for Egypt, The Gulf States and Saudi Arabia.


Scaling Caused by hard water is a world wide problem and Fluid Dynamics Products prevent scaling caused by hard water .. Using Fluid Dynamics products eliminates   the need for polluting chemicals and water softeners to prevent scaling. These totally environment friendly products are used by many major companies all over the world including Honda, Kimberly Clark, Walmart, Corn Products, Nestle, Kellogg’s and many more.


Applications include, Heat exchangers, Condensors, RO systems and cooling towers. Irrigation systems, protecting injection moulding machines, Hot water heaters and pipework in buildings and much more.

Saving Energy

Using Fluid Dynamics products it has been proven reduces energy costs .. it also eliminates the need for harmful chemicals . Needing no maintenance the products are just installed into the pipeline feeding the equipment to be protected.

Linah Agricultural is owned by Mr Elsayed Khedr a qualified engineer and former vice president of Saudiconsult. He built up a highly successful consulting Engineering Group in Dubai and he sees Fluid Dynamics environmentally friendly suite of products as having great potential in area that is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious.



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