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Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. Launches New Mercury Control Product


Source: Midwest Energy Emissions Corporation

LEWIS CENTER, OH -- Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. ('ME2C' or the 'Company'), a leader in mercury emissions control in North America, announced today that it is adding a new product to its proven, cost-effective mercury capture program that will reduce mercury emissions by preventing scrubber reemission events.

The product is specifically designed for coal-fired power utilities with wet scrubbers to help remove mercury, as well as other metals, from the scrubber.

'This new product has been successfully demonstrated at several large coal-burning power facilities,' said John Pavlish, ME2C's Chief Technology Officer. 'The additive has consistently proven to reduce mercury reemission from wet flue gas desulfurization systems achieving greater than 95% mercury control, resulting in stack mercury emissions well below MATS compliance limits.'

'The addition of the scrubber reemission product to our Total Mercury Control product line-up complements our existing patented technologies and further improves the effectiveness and cost savings of the ME2C Mercury Capture Programs,' said Marc Sylvester, ME2C's Vice President of Sales. 'The non-hazardous additive has proven to be very effective; allowing ME2C to offer to utility plants another cost-saving option for mercury compliance.'

A simple injection system can be tailored to each plant configuration which allows for a completely 'hands free' operation at the plant, which can be maintained by ME2C's technicians.

Richard MacPherson, President and CEO of ME2C, concluded: 'The development of new products and techniques, such as this, is what continues to position ME2C as the leading technology firm in the mercury control industry. This product, along with others that are currently in development, are fueling our growth and competitive advantage.'

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