Midwest Workers Warned of Risks Associated with Crystalline Silica Exposure

The environmental professionals at EC2 provide workplace monitoring for exposure to crystalline silica and other harmful substances.

Woodstock, IL, October 29th, 2012 -- Many workers across Illinois and the Midwest are exposed to dusts and airborne materials each day they go to work.  For workers involved with dusts from crushed rocks, soil, dirt, gravel, or sand, there are specific concerns over exposure to crystalline silica and a medical condition that may develop known as silicosis.


Crystalline silica is a basic component of soil, sand, granite, and many other minerals.  Quartz is the most common form of crystalline silica.  Cristobalite and tridymite are two other forms of crystalline silica.  All of these forms may become airborne when workers chip, cut, drill, or grind objects that contain crystalline silica.


Silica exposure remains a serious threat to several million U.S. workers, including more than 100,000 workers in high risk jobs such as abrasive blasting, foundry work, stonecutting, rock drilling, quarry work, and tunneling. Exposure also occurs during many different construction activities and some manufacturing processes.


“The health hazards associated with exposure is demonstrated by the fatalities and disabling illnesses that continue to occur in some industries associated with crystalline silica,” reported Ed Chambers, President of EC2, an Illinois-based health and safety consulting firm.  “Crystalline silica has been classified as a human lung carcinogen.  Silicosis, a disease caused by breathing dust containing crystalline silica particles, is a devastating illness.  Workers exposed to this dust can develop fibrosis or scar tissue formations in the lungs that reduce their ability to extract oxygen from the air.  There is no cure for this disease, prevention is the only answer.  EC2 provides monitoring for crystalline silica and other airborne hazards at work sites and industrial plants across Illinois and the Midwest to help prevent these illnesses.”


EC2 has sponsored an online video about silicosis and crystalline silica that can be seen at:



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