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Introducing MIKE 11 DRiFt

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the new MIKE 11 DRiFt extension to MIKE 11. MIKE 11 DRiFt (Discharge River Forecast) is a semi-distributed event-based rainfall runoff model founded on a Time Variant Unit Hydrograph concept. It can be used to describe single runoff events occurring over a period of time ranging from about one hour to a few days. The model output is the hydrograph produced by a given precipitation event in a selected river cross-section.
The strength of MIKE 11 DRiFt resides in its simplicity both with regard to input and in the limited number of parameters that have to be calibrated. It assures a high level of reliability specially in modelling the hydrologic response of mountainous or hilly catchments.

The model is distributed when accounting for central hydrologic features like the spatial and temporal variability of rainfall patterns and soil moisture, and the basin heterogeneity in morphologic, geologic and anthropic characteristics. It is lumped in the limited number of parameters that need calibration; all of them have a strong physical interpretation, allowing an easy and controllable calibration.

The priority of drainage morphology in shaping the basin response is emphasised in MIKE 11 DRiFt. An approach based on fractal geometry concepts is used by the model to identify the main components of the drainage network system. In this way, the identification of hill slope and channel paths also takes into account the interaction between climate and soil properties with its geologic constitution.

DRiFt has been developed by CIMA – Centro di ricerca Interuniversitario in Monitoraggio Ambientale – a research institution of the Universities of Genoa and Basilicata (Italy), in cooperation with ACROTEC S.r.l.

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