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Military Families Struggle with Mold and Related Health Problems in Military Housing


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Families living in off-base military housing in Norfolk, VA are suffering with health problems due to mold exposure in their homes, reports WTKR news network.


Two mothers explained to the news channel that they and their children experienced symptoms that only began after moving into their homes. One woman remarked that what had appeared to be a cold became painful sinus, ear, and upper respiratory infections. When she found signs of water damage in her home, she began to suspect a connection between her illnesses and mold. The most damning evidence came when a wall of her home was torn down; immediately afterwards, she vomited and her eyes swelled shut in a severe reaction to the mold spores that were released into the air.


After the news story broke, more families in the Norfolk complex and other military housing units in Virginia, all owned by the same company, came forward with additional complaints about health problems brought on by their homes’ mold. One woman anguished over her children’s deteriorating health when three doctors all attributed their symptoms to mold exposure.


“This story underscores how hazardous mold can be to people’s health, and it is particularly sad that this happened to those who sacrifice for our country,” states Joseph Frasca, Senior VP at EMSL Analytical, Inc. “EMSL, one of the nation’s leading mold testing laboratories, understands that families need accurate results quickly, so they can begin the remediation process and remove what is making them sick.”


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