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Milton Keynes Go Early Scheme


A range of partners have come together in Milton Keynes to begin ground breaking work on piloting some of the Green Deal mechanisms ahead of the actual implementation.

Milton Keynes Council together with Orbit Group, the National Energy Foundation and United Sustainable Energy Agency are applying Green Deal approaches to around 500 mixed tenure dwellings in order to understand how Green Deal will work on the ground.

An overall model has been established to illustrate the impact of various measures to the dwellings which aims to be a proxy for the Golden Rule calculation. Householders can therefore understand how the cost of measures relates to potential savings.

A loan fund has been established which will allow private sector households to take out improvement loans on the basis that loan repayments will be offset against future savings.

There is also a local Carbon Offset Fund already in place which will act to emulate ECO funding and will typically provide a subsidy of £2,500 for measures such as solid wall insulation and flat roof insulation. Such measures are particularly applicable in Milton Keynes where there is an abundance of non-traditional and system-built dwelling types.

The Council and Orbit Group are both putting in significant improvement investments which are being combined with the Carbon Offset ECO emulator to provide flexible finance for the improvements.

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