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Mine Dewatering - The real value of the pumps selected is in the support that comes with them


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Reliable Equipment Depends on Strong Dealer Support
When referring to the mining industry, the use of a specialized pumping company that not only supplies equipment, but also understands and provides the support required can play an integral component to the success of a project. This is especially true when working in remote northern areas where down time, has serious schedule and cost implications.

Dewatering is a significant critical path component, and represents an on-going operational cost for open pit mining operations. Therefore the implications should be thoroughly understood before selecting the pumping equipment and designing the pumping system. The application of the right equipment built for a mining application, coupled with specialized and reliable dealer support, is vital to the success of a project.


Uninterrupted production is essential, and the old saying stays true, “you get what you pay for or worse, you get what you don’t pay for.” Direct costs related to equipment needs to be weighed against the cost of potential delays (down time from equipment failure, costs of repair or replacement, delays in receiving parts and service, environmental issues etc.). Are the potential savings in purchasing lower cost pumps and pumping services worth the risk when you know the costs from potential down time or issues? Cost/benefit analysis has to be thorough and it is not solely reflective of the cost of the equipment alone. That is, equipment cost is not the only cost to consider as the equipment is only as valuable as its reliability and technical support that comes with it.

Availability of Support

Open pit mine dewatering systems must be designed in a manner which first meets the mine’s water-supply requirements, and also then manages the excess dewatering discharge not consumed by the mine in a compliant manner. It is important to understand these fundamentals when selecting the equipment. The quality of equipment (for a mining application) and the strength of the dealer support are equally fundamental to the reliability. When it is in your control, never risk working with equipment that has little to no support available on short notice. Always select a supplier with a ready inventory of replacement pumps as well as parts and service, because the greatest cost related to any dewatering operation is downtime.

Pumping Equipment Needs

In an open pit mining application, the types of mine dewatering pumps you may require to successfully complete the job typically include high volume and high head centrifugal, submersible, slurry, sludge and dredging pumps. These pumps can be diesel, electric or hydraulic powered. It is important to select a supplier with this full range of pumps built for the mining industry that also has experienced technicians in the application and operation of this equipment, not only the product sales catalogue.

The Aquatech Philosophy

Years back we attended an auction in the US. Some of the heavy-equipment being auctioned was CAT and Komatsu. Typically, in Ontario we have found that the CAT heavy-equipment always generated a higher resale price. However, at this particular auction, Komatsu was consistently outperforming CAT. It turns out that where this auction took place, Komatsu had stronger dealer support, which made a significant difference in the recognized equipment value to buyers. This stood out and has helped to shape Aquatech’s philosophy around the industry’s definition of equipment value and the need to make available the best equipment with an even stronger support behind it.

Our portable diesel pumps are CAT powered which is complimented by our strong relationship with Toromont CAT. Toromont is one of our strongest industry partners and compliments the services Aquatech provides. This, as well as other relationships, allows us to support the equipment and dewatering services we provide to benefit our clients. Our staff is amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable in Canada, with a diverse background in surface water and groundwater control, construction dewatering, pond dewatering, bypass pumping and discharge filtration systems.

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