Minestis, the Route to Resource Estimates


Source: Geovariances

MINESTIS simplifies mineral resource estimation. The software allows mining domain modeling and resource evaluation through an efficient yet simplified geostatistics-based workflow. It has been designed for all those, geologists, mining engineers or auditors, for whom quick production of quality models is at the heart of their concerns.

Minestis benefits and advantages >>

Minestis is the only geostatistical workflow that manages estimation domains and block models in a coherent way. Together with robust and long-time trusted algorithms, this ensures quality resource estimates.

Minestis key features >>

Minestis provides the geostatistics needed for reliable domain and resource modeling through a simplified and secure approach. It makes the recommended resource evaluation techniques (like uniform conditioning or conditional simulations) easy to implement by non-experts in geostatistics.

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