`Mini` Sensor Family


Source: NIVUS GmbH

Latest Sensor Technology For Flow Velocity Measurement

Using the newly developed 'Mini' sensor family represents the best possible measurement solution for the detection of lowest discharge volumes such as the investigation of extraneous water or indirect discharge measurements.

The flow velocity measurement method used is our proven and patented ultrasonic cross correlation. Optimised construction and shape of the sensors in conjunction with application-specific signal evaluation from now on allow to measure and to indicate flow profiles starting at levels of 3 cm. The new minimised sensor design is particularly suitable for small diameters as from 160 mm and reduces backwater effects as well as the risk of build-up and obstruction within channels.

The ultrasonic level sensor used feature a minimum dead zone and are capable of detecting full filled lines.

Each of the sensors can be used within Zone 1 Ex areas of course.

Typical areas of use of the >Mini< sensors:

 pipe diameters starting at 160 mm
 measurement of extraneous water
 detection of nighttime discharge
 indirect discharge monitoring
 measurement spots for billing networks
 precipitation discharge measurement

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