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MINIFLASH TOUCH - New Portable Flash Point Tester Launched


Grabner Instruments launches MINIFLASH TOUCH, its new analyzer for easy and safe flash point testing of petroleum products and solvents. MINIFLASH TOUCH is the latest addition to the Grabner Instruments line of portable flashpoint testers, that combines all of the field-proven advantages of the MINIFLASH tester line with a new convenient touch-screen design. The touch-screen runs on a Microsoft® Windows® platform, the analyzer offers full compatibility with network, PC and LIMS, user access control, new flashpoint methods and unique features for standard and advanced users.

One flash point tester for all applications
MINIFLASH flash point testers work according to ASTM D6450 and D7094, which give results equivalent to the Pensky Martens ASTM D93*)  / EN ISO 2719 and Abel and Tag closed cup methods. The new MINIFLASH TOUCH analyzer features new methods for simulation of EN ISO 3679 and EN ISO 3680 for testing hazardous goods according to transport regulations. MINIFLASH TOUCH facilitates controlling of the parameters heat rate, ignition energy and amount of atmospheric oxygen present in the combustion chamber, through which users can simulate almost any flashpoint method within varying environmental conditions. The new model allows testing at an extended temperature range from 0-400°C and facilitates cleaning by introducing a new automatic ignition cleaning m

Plug & Play
MINIFLASH TOUCH´s large color touch-screen runs in a Microsoft® Windows® environment. This enables easy networking and data transfer, allows seamless LIMS integration via LAN and full remote operation of the analyzer. Further highlights of the flash point tester are USB data transfer and printer support, intuitive menu navigation and a vast method and data storage. The unique flash point combustion graphics give users the opportunity to follow every millisecond of the flash combustion in unprecedented detail.

Deal with safety in a safe way
Grabner Instruments portable MINIFLASH testers are known for maximum safety, accuracy, speed and ease of use in testing flashpoints of liquids and solids. The extremely versatile analyzers are worldwide standard testers for the petrochemical and flavors and fragrances industry, are widely used for testing compliance with transport regulations and are approved testers for NATO and NAVY for military use. All MINIFLASH analyzers house the safety standard: The Grabner Instruments flash detection method, measuring the instantaneous pressure increase of only 1-2 ml sample inside a continuously closed chamber at flashpoint temperature, eliminating the need of testing with an open flame. The fast thermoelectric cooling after the test saves expensive labor time and is optimized to guarantee best life time of temperature control. MINIFLASH models are available for single tests or with an 8-position autosampler for continuous flashpoint testing.

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