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Mining and Military Address Health & Safety with Eco Waste Technology


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BURLINGTON, ON, Nov. 1, 2011 /PR Newswire/ -- Eco Waste Solutions (EWS) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded two new contracts to bring point-of-need waste solutions to the mining and military sectors.

A multinational mining company operating in West Africa has selected EWS to supply 3 ECO Model batch incinerators.  This equipment will process 23 tonnes per day - all of the domestic waste generated on-site.

With large camps, the installation of these facilities can improve sanitation by reducing vermin and disease vectors, enhancing personnel health and safety.  Utilizing clean burning systems to manage solid waste also minimizes the environmental impacts of the mine and is preferred to the long-term legacy of a landfill.

EWS also has been awarded a contract to supply the ECO Mobile incineration system to a foreign Department of Defense.  The fully containerized mobile system has been procured as part of a readiness program for public health protection.

Crises in recent history such as the Avian Bird Flu and H1N1 have highlighted the need for governments to react quickly to quarantine and destroy diseased animals.  In these emergencies, most agencies resort to open pit burning which is inadequate for infection containment and creates air pollution.  The ECO Mobile will provide rapid response to the site of a disease outbreak and operates at temperatures that will destroy even the more resistant prion - the infectious agent associated with BSE (mad cow disease).

The ECO Mobile is designed to international military specifications and is the most advanced mobile incinerator available globally.  With on-board pollution control and monitoring equipment it will meet the strictest emissions standards in place today.

'This year, despite the slowdown globally, EWS has continued to grow.  Our business services markets that require proven solutions that operate reliably with high environmental standards' said Eco Waste Solutions President, Steve Meldrum. 'Our equipment is unique in delivering on these objectives.'

Company Information:

Eco Waste Solutions (EWS) is a privately-held Canadian environmental technology company that custom engineers and manufactures advanced thermal treatment technologies for solid and liquid waste. For over 17 years we have demonstrated leadership in design-quality, environmental integrity and excellent customer service. Unlike many emerging technologies still in development, the EWS systems are fully commercialized and process waste reliably. Our technological innovations include 4G controls, containerized mobile incinerators designed for rapid deployment and scalable modular incinerators that can offer heat recovery in the form of hot water, steam and small scale energy from waste.

SOURCE Eco Waste Solutions

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