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Mining Sector Continues to Show Support for Saturation Analysis


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Billerica, MA. Thermo Electron Corporation’s NITON Analyzers product line, internationally recognized as the leader in handheld, portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology, together
with its technical partner, NITON Mining Technologies, is please to announce another installation to the mining sector in the use of the NITON Analyzer for Saturation Analysis in an exploration program.

Saturation Analysis is a term recently coined within the mining industry to describe the volumes of data which are quickly acquired over a broad area. With the importance of information to today’s exploration geologists and indeed mining companies as a whole, the NITON XRF analyzer offers its users the ability to perform quality analysis of geochemical samples, while at the same time analyzing a far greater number of samples that is feasible using traditional laboratory-based techniques. Limitations of laboratories include their physical distance from green fields, exploration properties and operating mines, as well as the per-sample fees which impose budgetary constraints on many programs.

The Broken Hill Area of New South Wales, Australia is the most recent location to receive a NITON Analyzer after its purchase by CBH Limited. The Broken Hill area is well know as the city
where a humble beginning by BHP grew to today global giant BHP Billiton. The new owners of the BHP mining operations have been successfully using the NITON XRF analyzer to map their
existing tenements to a remarkable spacing, meaning that no area is unknown to their exploration geologist and giving them incredible multi-element analytical data.

Providing throughput of up to 600 Samples per day, with up to 22 simultaneous elements being instantly indicated, the NITON 500 Series has placed CBH Limited at the technological forefront of the industry, leading their competitors who often are forced to wait days if not weeks for single element analysis.

Thermo’s NITON XRF analyzers are also used for a number of other key mining applications including green field exploration and process control, for everything from base metal exploration to the assay of copper, nickel and lead, plus PGM pathfinder analysis of lead, mercury and arsenic. Analysis of tantalite ore and rare earth elements are additional areas which suit the core competencies of this instrument.

About Thermo Electron’s NITON 500 Series

The NITON 500 Series instruments utilize specially selected components designed and optimized for the demanding environment of field work. From the rugged, environmentally sealed plastic housing to the ultra-stable high-speed electronics which supply accurate and precise data, the NITON instrument is ideally suited to providing critical information to the on-site decision makers- all in real time; this invariably results in real, quantifiable improvements in mine productivity.

To request further information on the Thermo Electron NITON 500 Series instrument or to request an on-site trial or demonstration, please call Thermo Electron’s NITON Analyzers at +1 978-670-7460 or email us.

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