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Minister of state Axel Wintermeyer greets Hesse`s innovators


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Of the 365 prize-winners in this year's '365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas' competition, 31 came from Hesse. Minister of state Axel Wintermeyer held a reception at the state chancellery to welcome those people whose ideas and projects represent the strength of innovation and the dedication to progress that can be found in the state. In order to further cultivate this potential and really bring it to the fore, since 2006 the 'Germany - Land of Ideas' initiative and Deutsche Bank have been running the national '365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas' competition.

Minister of state Axel Wintermeyer congratulated the prize-winners, who symbolise Hesse's capabilities: 'I am very impressed by the amount of creativity on show in an incredibly wide range of fields. The 31 areas in which you have been honoured for your efforts in embodying Germany's innovative potential could not be more different, clearly showing that Hesse's people are full of imagination.'

Almost one third of all Hesse's prize-winners are from the environmental sphere, making Environment the strongest category overall. The list of ideas for the sustainable cultivation of resources and climate protection measures that are fit for the future range from EnviroChemie GmbH's processes for producing energy from wastewater to the 'Climate protection in sport' initiative of the German Olympic Sports Confederation and Franz Carl Nüdling Basaltwerke's air-cleaning concrete elements. Other prize-winners include the 'dementia-friendly communes' from the Society category and the theaterperipherie theatre project from the Culture field.

'Winning a prize in the '365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas' competition is a quality feature in every sense. With great dedication and passion, Hesse's 'Selected Landmarks' are really bringing innovation to the fore and providing important momentum for our future. It is our pleasure to be able to honour this year's wide range of prize-winners,' says Tilman Wittershagen of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt.

The competition winners will present themselves and their ideas to the public over the course of the year. Also this year, one national champion will be named from each of the six competition categories of Business, Science, Environment, Culture, Education and Society. What's more, the public will be able to choose its own winner online for the first time this year too. Another new addition is the interactive participation platform, which enables people to support the prize-winners with donations of time, money or goods. In this way, committed civic involvement can help Hesse's ideas to grow even further.

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