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Minister reminded: quality recycling strengthens market


Source: Materials Recycling Week

A rallying call for continued support for quality recycling collections has gone out to Welsh Recycling Minister Jane Davidson.

In an open letter to the Minister, Campaign for Real Recycling chairman Mal Williams, asked Davidson to resist the pressures of the credit crunch and back quality materials.

“There is still a healthy and enduring UK market for good recyclable material,” he said.

Import nonsense
He also highlighted the “increasing nonsense” of UK reprocessers importing material because UK collectors don’t produce enough feedstock.

“We know you are aware of the problems created by the lack of destination for low-quality materials being collected by commingled collections,” Williams wrote, adding, “quality is key”.

He called on Davidson to ensure any Government support or funding targets recycling methods known to produce good quality feedstock.

More letters
Similar letters will be sent to UK Environment Minister Jane Kennedy and Scottish Environment Minister Mike Russell later this week. CRR media officer Phil Hurst explained that the letter to Davidson had been sent first because of the good relationship the campaign has with her.

The letter was written before the British Chamber of Commerce’s report, published today, highlighting what it described as “a frightening deterioration in the UK economic situation”.

Responding to the BCC’s report Hurst said: “The UK reprocessors market is relatively robust. If you search you will find people with problem. But you can find this at any time. The wider picture for reprocessors is a robust market for quality recycled materials. The market is not the black hole of collapse that some people lead us to believe, sorry to disappoint!”

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