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Minor changes, major focus on continuous product development


Source: Columbia Weather Systems, Inc.

Columbia Weather Systems has upgraded to a new IP68 connector ~ the maximum level of Ingress Protection ~ for all Orion and Magellan Weather Stations™. These connectors are even more resistant to dust, oil and salt water, making them ideal for use in hostile environments such as hazmat, marine, process industries and manufacturing.

Additionally, these new connectors improve the ease of installing your weather station. The connectors are keyed for easy alignment. A screw-on collar secures the connection and provides additional protection from the elements.

Evidence of our commitment to product development takes several forms at Columbia Weather. One is responding to expressed customer requests - for example the portable and vehicle-mount system configurations. Another is taking advantage of the latest new technology 1) to create new products like the Magellan Weather Station™ and the Weather MicroServer™, and 2) to improve our existing meteorological products.

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