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MIOX introduces their award winning greener and safer water disinfection technology

The traditional method for water disinfection comes from the use of chemical and chlorine treatments. Disinfectant chemicals and chlorine are hazardous chemicals; which present many potential dangers with the handling and transporting of these products. An advanced Eco-friendly technology based on the century old idea of using salt electrolysis introduces a 'Greener', safer and more successful application for water disinfection alternatives. This 'Green' innovative water disinfection advancement comes from the MIOX Corporation and their award winning patented technology. This new Eco-friendly solution allows for on-site disinfectant generation while eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals, solving transporting dangers and eliminating the storing and disposing of hazardous containers.

MIOX Corporation is a water treatment company that was founded in 1994 and has been progressively moving towards the goals of today and becoming more of an environmentally friendly company that offers 'Green' solutions to the major problems of today's water disinfection. From their Albuquerque, New Mexico plant they began manufacturing on-site Eco-friendly salt electrolysis water disinfectant generators. The MIOX technology was created by their world-class scientists; while working under a government contract. The goal was to develop a way of purifying water through the use of a portable disinfecting unit; which could be used in extremely remote areas and for highly contaminated water applications.

Today; MIOX's installed on-site environmentally friendly salt electrolysis technology serves millions of customers worldwide using their patented hypochlorite or advanced mixed oxidant water disinfectants. Their new 'Green' patented on-site water disinfectant manufacturing system; which uses the salt electrolysis idea to generate an on-demand chlorine disinfectant; safely and cost effectively disinfects over 6.5 billion gallons of water per day. Their cutting edge environmentally friendly patented technology includes the on-site manufacturing of water disinfectant through a combination of salt, water and electricity (salt electrolysis); effectively eliminating the conventional methods of using truck deliveries of hazardous chemicals. Through this Eco-friendly advanced technology and on-site disinfectant generation; MIOX have successfully cut back transportation requirements by 80%; which reduces fuel consumption and lowers carbon emissions.

The MIOX Corporation holds numerous patents, produces many U.S. manufactured products and 'MIOX' is an internationally registered trademark. They are the innovative water treatment specialists that serve many commercial and industrial applications; some of which include commercial swimming pools, portable water supplies, cooling towers, military and cruise ships, food processing and beverage industries; among others.

Over the years, the MIOX experts have worked with many agencies; including The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The World Health Organization (WHO). The MIOX products are certified by the International for Drinking Water Systems Components (NSF) and are listed by the U.S. EPA as a Compliance Technology. MIOX Corporation has been listed as a 'Going Green' Top 100 company for their environmentally friendly innovations and has received the President's 'E' Award for Excellence in Exporting as well as been awarded the Popular Science Best of What's New Grand Award for Innovation.

With the rising transportation costs, stricter regulations, and spiking chemical costs many companies, including Clorox, have been searching for safer, more environmentally friendly and more cost effective alternatives. It has been estimated that the average investment for all necessary equipment to handle the environmentally friendly water treatment capacity of between 24,000 gallons to about 500 million gallons per day would have a 1-3 year ROI (Return on Investment). This 'Green' technological breakthrough might just provide more companies a viable cost effective option with the incorporation of 'Eco-friendly' and safer water disinfection practices.

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