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MIOX named top 10 water company by The Artemis Project™

MIOX Corporation, a leader in on-site generation of hypochlorite and mixed oxidants for water disinfection, placed 9th in The Artemis Project™ Top 50 Water Companies Competition.
This award distinguishes MIOX as a leading company that is helping to build one of the great high-growth industries of the 21st Century.  MIOX was selected by a panel of industry experts based on an integrated matrix of four criteria: technology, intellectual property and know-how, team and market potential.
“MIOX is honored to be recognized as a leading innovator in water treatment and disinfection technologies,” says MIOX CEO Carlos Perea.  “We are committed to addressing a critical and unresolved issue around the world; the need for safe, healthy, and affordable water.” 
“The Artemis Project’s Top 50 Water Companies Competition winners have excelled in key strategic areas in the emerging advanced water technology sector,” added Laura Shenkar, Principal of The Artemis Project.  “We are excited to spotlight these innovative companies for the first time on the world’s stage and congratulate them for their achievements in introducing the solutions that will reinvent the water landscape.”
MIOX’s clean technologies treat water using only salt, water and power to generate a dilute disinfectant on site.  Creating disinfectant on site is safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible, cutting back transportation requirements, reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption, and eliminating the storage and disposal of chemical containers.

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