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MIOX Water Technology sanitizing celebrity century cruise ship

MIOX Corporation, a leader in safe water disinfection, announced it has installed a RIO™ on-site generation system aboard the Celebrity Century(SM) cruise ship. The ship has been using MIOX mixed oxidant disinfection technology to successfully sanitize all guest recreational water features on the recently revitalized ship since early 2009. The system, which has been sized for expansion to provide all shipboard potable water treatment, could also be used in the future for surface sanitation.

“We’re very satisfied with the MIOX technology, equipment and service,” commented Nikolaos G. Doulis, Fleet Director. “The system has performed reliably and the mixed oxidant chemistry has improved the water quality of the pools and spas. In addition, the studies we’ve conducted have demonstrated a superior chemical strength compared to traditional chlorine, giving us confidence that the sanitized water onboard the Century is the cleanest, purest water possible.”

MIOX works with global leaders of industry to safely and effectively treat water for communities, hotels, ships, and a variety of industrial applications. The patented advanced mixed oxidant disinfection technology in use on the Celebrity Century offers improved disinfection performance compared to traditional methods, including added protection against recreational water illnesses, and reducing chlorinated by-products.

MIOX’s clean technologies treat water using only salt, water and electricity to generate a dilute sanitizer on site. Creating sanitizer on site is safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible, cutting back transportation requirements, reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption, and eliminating the storage losses and disposal of chemical containers.

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