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MIRA coalition receives 2010 Wainwright Bank social justice award


Wainwright Bank (Nasdaq: WAIN) last night awarded its 22nd annual Wainwright Bank Social Justice Award to the Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy (MIRA) Coalition and its Executive Director, Eva Millona.

MIRA works to advocate for the rights and opportunities of immigrants and refugees. In partnership with its members, MIRA advances this mission through education, training, leadership development, organizing, policy analysis and advocacy. MIRA is a respected state and national leader on immigrant issues, and an authoritative source of information for policymakers, the media, and immigrant communities. It is a dynamic, multi-ethnic, multi-racial coalition that actively involves hundreds of grassroots immigrant organizations, human services agencies, legal service providers, religious groups, and human rights groups in cooperative efforts to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees.

As the largest immigrant advocacy coalition in New England, MIRA is the only voice for immigrant integration in Massachusetts. They represent nearly one million foreign born, including 500,000 naturalized citizens, and 300,000 green card holders eligible to start the process for citizenship. MIRA has played a significant role with respect to the New Americans Agenda in Massachusetts, the most comprehensive study on immigrant integration in the nation.

'As an immigrant myself, I am deeply honored to receive this community's recognition from one of the most esteemed business members of my chosen home,' said Eva Millona of MIRA upon accepting the Award.

'This self-effacing woman would protest that what she has accomplished is in any way remarkable, preferring to give others the credit. One of the purposes of this evening is to convince her otherwise. Toward that end we add our voice in acknowledging the important work this organization does,' said Robert Glassman, Co-founder and Co-chairman of Wainwright Bank.

The Wainwright Bank Social Justice Award was created to recognize nonprofits and affiliated individuals who have achieved outstanding success in addressing issues of social justice. The Award is accompanied by a $25,000 donation and was presented during the Bank's annual customer appreciation event attended by over 500 people at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

With $1 billion in assets and 12 branches throughout Greater Boston, Wainwright Bank is widely recognized as the country's leading socially progressive bank. It has committed nearly $900 million in loans to socially responsible development projects including affordable housing, environmental protection, HIV/AIDS services, homeless shelters, immigration services and more. The Bank was named the 'ultimate high-purpose company' in the book by award-winning author, Christine Arena, entitled 'The High-Purpose Company: The Truly Responsible (and Highly Profitable) Firms That Are Changing Business Now'.

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