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Mississippi River Flood Victims Turn to the IAQ Video Network


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The IAQ Video Network’s production about avoiding indoor air quality problems after a flood provides information to those affected by the floods.

Phoenix, AZ, May 9th, 2011 -- Today it was announced that the Mississippi River has neared its crest around Memphis while downstream many communities are still facing possible additional flooding.  The water levels in Memphis had not been observed since the 1930s and many low lying areas have been heavily damaged by the flood waters.


Further south, in Louisiana, it was reported that the Army Corps of Engineers have opened the Bonnet Carre spillway to divert some of the raging river waters away from New Orleans.


Up and down the mighty Mississippi River homes and businesses have been damaged by these flood waters.  As the waters continue to crest along northern parts of the river people are returning to their properties to inspect the damage and to begin rebuilding.


A number of these people have turned to a recent public outreach video that was produced in March by the IAQ Video Network.  The video, After the Flood: Avoiding Indoor Air Quality Problems, provides tips and suggestions for things people can do as they begin to rebuild.


This outtake provides an example of the types of information supplied in the 3 minute video, “To avoid problems from microbial growth remove standing water as quickly and as safely possible.  Any standing water is a potential breeding ground for microorganisms, which can become airborne and be inhaled. If floodwaters contain sewage or decaying animal carcasses, infectious disease is also of concern. Even when flooding is due to rainwater, the growth of microorganisms can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. For these health reasons, and to lessen structural damage, all standing water should be removed as quickly as possible.”


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