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Mitsubishi Motors: New-generation Electric Vehicle Goes on Display at Narita Airport


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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has announced today that it will be displaying its i-MiEV new-generation electric vehicle (EV) at Japan's Narita International Airport from December 15th 2010 until January 14th 2011, in order to promote the popularization of EVs.

A total of two i-MiEVs will be on display; one in Terminal 1 North Wing's departure lobby and one in Terminal 2's departure lobby. As a representation of Japanese environmental technological pride, the i-MiEV will have its own display space in the middle of the departure lobbies to see travelers off for the Christmas and New Year season. At the same time, videos of i-MiEV promotional activities all over the world will be shown along with a display of parts used by the i-MiEV created with the support of parts makers to deepen interest and better understanding of EVs.

Narita International Airport aims to be an environmentally-friendly 'eco airport,' by initiating efforts to lessen environmental loads, such as installing solar energy systems as their energy source. As part of this initiative, the airport has been utilizing i-MiEV as an internal work vehicle since last fiscal year in its effort to reduce pollution from its vehicles that work within the airport.

MMC is currently selling the i-MiEV in Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia, and is sequentially starting sales in Europe from December.

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (TSE: 7211) was established in 1970 and is one of the few automobile companies in the world that produces a full line of automotive products ranging from 660-cc mini cars and passenger cars to commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks and buses. The company also operates consumer financing services and provides this to its customer base. For more information, please visit www.mitsubishi-motors.com .

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