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As part of the continual research and development programme at STEM Drive we are pleased to share with you some of the new arrivals onto our ever increasing range of mixers and ancillary equipment. Firstly the arrival of the Mark III reverse inlet Fluidic Mixer incorporating an improved and refined nozzle jet arrangement. The field trials conducted on various grit laden sludges have proved in all cases to exceed the performance of the previous generation STEM Drive Fluidic Mixers.

This enhanced design not only improves the throughput of the 100mm Model but achieves this with a marked reduction in the quantity of compressed air required to drive the Fluidic Mixer.

In a typical Fluidic Mixing installation this will not only require a smaller sized compressor but the run time of the Mark III will be considerably shorter in a 24 hour period.

Hence, economies of both power consumption along with lower initial capital costs will be achieved with the improved and more energy efficient Mark III Fluidic Mixer.

To assist with the installation of our Fluidic Mixers within large, hazardous and confined space restricted tanks and to compliment our existing fixed and ski-slope installations a removable guide rail mixer is presently under consideration by a leading Water Company.

Following on from our use of the well proven CompAir Hydrovane compressor as the source of our Fluidic Mixers motive power we have in conjunction with CompAir produced a compressor set whose integral Control Panel fully complies with the WIMES 3.04 standard.

Thus with our previous track record in the Water and Process Industries these additions keep STEM Drive Fluidic Mixers at the cutting edge of mixing technology with grit laden sludges to produce a homogeneous blend with no inherent blockages problems.

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