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MMR Mold Stain Remover now available from jon-don locations


Source: Fast Mold Removal, the innovators behind MMR mold stain remover, is pleased to announce that all 11 Jon-Don locations now offer MMR.

Frankfort, IL -- Ask any mold remediation, restoration or disaster recovery professional the importance of removing mold stains from building materials and they will repeatedly say that it is a critical component to the services they offer. When tough mold stain removal is part of a project, these same professionals turn to MMR mold stain remover.  

MMR mold stain remover was developed by industry experts who were not satisfied with the products that were previously on the market and today it is the fastest growing stain remover used in the industry. It is the product of choice within the mold remediation industry because of its ability to eliminate the need for scrubbing, sanding and blasting. Remediation contractors have benefited from reduced labor hours and increased net profits while being able to competitively bid on, and win, major projects. 

Today, is pleased to announce that this unique product is now available from all 11 Jon-Don locations.

“For almost 40 years, Jon-Don has been a trusted resource and leading provider of equipment and supplies for disaster restoration contractors, abatement contractors, residential and commercial carpet cleaning professionals, in-house service providers, building service contractors and specialty concrete flooring professionals,” said Chris Heller with “We are excited to now make MMR even more accessible and to announce that contractors can buy MMR directly from Jon-Don’s coast-to-coast locations.”

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