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Mobile Computing Now in Windows CE


Source: Trilogy Group Limited

Trilogy is pleased to announce the launch of HAND WinCE – software for mobile computing and PDAs designed for field data collection in conjunction with TAPS.

While Trilogy is still selling and supporting HAND based on Psion Workabouts, customers now have the option to choose HAND WinCE for devices that use Windows CE as their operating system to allow for greater independence in selecting hardware.

The advantages in using HAND include:

  • Reduction in transcription errors
  • Full digital chain of custody
  • Past analytical history of location stored and displayed
  • Analytical warning limits activated can save re-sampling trip
  • Geographical positioning possible
  • More robust than paper during inclement weather
  • Remote download and upload of round data

New features include:

  • Ad hoc samples and tests
  • Limits based on 3 standard deviations from previous results

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