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Mobile non-ferrous metals separator


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Mobile metals separator

For non-ferrous metals separation from plastic: a simple system, but might catalyze plastic recycling market.

This year Cogelme - manufacturer of metals separators from North of Italy - combined Eddy Current Separator with a Worm Screw to a small, comfortable system, capable to separate non-ferrous metals from grinded plastic and download directly into big bags.

Main advantage of the system lies in:
Separation purity: can reach up to 95% and more of non-ferrous metals extraction also as small as 2 mm sizes
Mobility: 4 wheel allow to move the system easily to any place you need
Compactness: the system occupies less space comparing to a conveyor installations

The system already caused an interest among those having material distributed in various places. Hoped that the combination of clever design and the scale of efficiencies of performance would make it adaptable to many non-ferrous metal extraction cases.

Cogelme is famous for it’s Eddy Current Separators. Thus type of separators are being aimed by customers in the waste recycling market, but progressively becomes a success also for plastic recyclers.

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