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Mobile water suitcase for emergency supply


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Emergency water supply is an important and challenging need. Especially search and rescue detachment/troops, who visit the field soon after the incident for evaluation, lack reliable supply of clean and safe water.

The Swiss based water treatment specialist Trunz Water Systems AG developed a mobile and light weight watermaker that is installed in a shock resistant, non corrosive case – ready to plug in and run.

Lars Willi, COO at Trunz Water Systems: “The idea came up when we went to Haiti for an installation of one of our solar powered, decentralised water treatment units. Aid agency people told us about their difficulties during the first few days after the earthquake and how they struggled to supply their own people with safe water. Trunz is specialised in independent water treatment and desalination system. So we started was thinking of a rather small and compact version based on the same reliable technology we use for our mid-size and larger container units.”

The newly launched product is called “Survivor 300” which emphasizes its goal: immediate clean drinking water for survival in a remote area. Therefore, the unit works independent from any technical or electrical supply. All you need is a fresh water source (lake, river, borehole). Power to operate the unit comes from the integrated solar panels with RV battery pack or if available any other power source (generator). The “Survivor” includes a diaphragm feed pump, prefiltration, an ultrafiltration membrane and an activated carbon filter. The unit delivers 180 litres of clean drinking water per hour – 100 % free of viruses and bacteria.

SURVIVOR 300 facts:

  • 180 liter of fresh water per hour
  • simple to use, ideal for mobile application, light weight 51 kg
  • dimension: 850 x 550 x 350 mm
  • including folded solar panel & batterypack

The target market is not limited to rescue and aid operations. Temporary base camps and expedition camps can take advantage of this highly mobile and easy to operate system.

About Trunz Water Systems
The Swiss based company Trunz Water Systems developed, manufactures and distributes sustainable and cost effective solutions for water purification and desalination as well as solar power centres. The innovative company offers sustainable solutions for the decentralised potable water and electricity supply in remote areas. The units are exceptionally energy efficient, independent, compact and environmentally friendly.

Up to now, over 650 Trunz Water Systems are already operating in more than 35 countries all over the world. All of the water treatment systems are low maintenance and easy to install. The capacity depends on the raw water quality and ranges from 7’000 to 50’000 litres a day.

Trunz’ innovative and environmentally friendly technology produces clean drinking water from polluted water and salt water with solar and/or wind energy. An ultrafiltration membrane or a reverse osmosis system (for sea or brackish water) removes all virus and bacteria (and salts) without requiring toxic chemical treatment.

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