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Modbus TCP Gateway for GaugerGSM level meters


July 3, 2011 -- GaugerGSM are ultrasonic level meters for remote monitoring applications. Embedded within the level meter is a GSM cellular modem that transmits field information such as river level, diesel volume in tanks, ambient temperature and special events such as overflow and theft.

Our new Modbus TCP Gateway allows GaugerGSM level meters to interface with any monitoring and SCADA applications that support Modbus TCP.

The gateway is software utility that receives GPRS messages from fielded GaugerGSM equipment and acts as a Modbus TCP server to client applications.

Each GaugerGSM systems is represented by eight registers which relay data measured by the Gauger. The registers include level information, volume, temperature and more. A status register provides real time event information such as suspected diesel tank or sewer overflow alert.

The Modbus TCP Gateway supports fielded GaugerGSM meters operating in GPRS mode. Other solutions are supported for SMS mode of operation.

SolidAT is inviting suppliers of monitoring software with Modbus TCP interface to integrate their solutions with our GaugerGSM and Modbus TCP Gateway.

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