modeFRONTIER Interface v2.0


EnginSoft has created an Interface that allows modeFRONTIER to connect to the widely used industry software InfoWorks CS. With this platform into the water industry EnginSoft UK has further developed the Interface with the new release of mFI4IWCS v2.0.

V1.0 of the interface allows modeFRONTIER, a generic multi-objective design optimisation tool, to link to the InfoWorks CS Software to firstly automate the calibration of network drainage models to flow survey data.

Widely acknowledged, one of the toughest challenges faced in network drainage modelling is the accurate calibration of slow runoff parameters. Engineers can often spend as long as a week, or even more, calibrating just one flow monitor. This costly and labour intensive manual intervention is avoidable, faster and better results are achievable using the enhanced modeFRONTIER 'Interface' (mFI4IWCS v2.0).

This latest release also gives modellers much greater control over their model including the ability to select any parameter of their model for automatic adjustment within the run sequence. v2.0 also has an added 'smart' optioneering capability that allow the modeller to conduct a suite of design optimisation studies in order to find for example the most 'cost-effective' solution(s) to solve a flooding problem using the advanced genetic algorithms within modeFRONTIER. This innovation means that engineers and modellers are able to set attributes that the software can now adjust automatically within agreed parameters to achieve the optimum result. This frees up the modeller to use valuable time on other aspects of the model and be able to trust it to run and make adjustments, even unattended outside usual work hours.

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