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Model 103 tag lines - now with laser marked cable!


Source: Solinst Canada Ltd.

The Solinst Model 103 Tag Line now has laser markings every 10 centimeters or every 1/2 foot of the cable.  This makes it more accurate and allows it to run more smoothly over the sides of a well.  Designed to measure depths during well construction, the Tag Line uses a weight clipped to a strong, durable cable, mounted on a sturdy freestanding reel.  As the weight is easily clipped off, the Tag Line can be used to deploy a number of different instruments, and because the cable is marked, you can ensure you are getting your instruments to the proper depth.  This is excellent for Bailer deployment, installing Packers, safety support for Bladder Pumps or Double Valve Pumps, and can even be used to deploy your Levelogger for short-term applications.

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