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Moderate democrats key to passage of greenhouse gas provision


Emboldened by a potential presidential veto, Senate Democrats seem to be joining forces against a Republican-party effort to block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. The chief architect of the a resolution (S J Res 26) banning EPA from regulating carbon monoxide, Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska admitted that the outcome of tomorrow’s vote on her measure is in the hands of moderate Democrats with reservations about EPA regulation of carbon dioxide. With 40 cosponsors, including Democrats Mary Landrieu (LA), Ben Nelson (NE) and Blanche Lincoln (AR), the resolution could be adopted with a simple majority vote, thereby overturning the “endangerment finding” issued in December by the EPA, which concluded that high concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are a hazard to human health. That finding, consequently, triggered a requirement to regulate emissions under the Clean Air Act (PL 101-549).

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