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Modern technology to boost recycling and change behaviour


Source: Materials Recycling Week

The latest Recycle for London campaign will use modern technologies to encourage Londoners to recycle and create less rubbish.

The campaign will use a mobile phone game to put out the recycling message to Londoners.

The game challenges the user to starve their hungry ‘evil bin’ by catching all recyclable materials in a green recycling box. Players score points for every item caught, but if the evil bin eats three items which should be recycled the player loses the game.

Speaking to MRW about the campaign Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “This campaign will work with councils to help them step up recycling rates. It is a good opportunity for us to tackle the rubbish we generate. We need to create a cleaner greener London.”

He also mentioned how innovative technologies such as anaerobic digestion could help London tackle waste and that “waste should now be seen as a resource”.

Johnson added: “Whatever happens in the recession, recycling is still an important priority and we have got to be better than we are at the moment at it - we have to be better than New York.”
On average Londoners are recycling 20 per cent of their waste and 60 per cent of what they throw away can be recycled.

The Recycle for London campaign will also feature in TV adverts, in addition to radio, press and online adverts and bus and tube posters. The campaign is funded by the London Waste and Recycling Board, which is chaired by the Mayor.

Councillor Daniel Moylan said: “Because of the arrangements the London boroughs have put in place, Londoners can continue to recycle safe in the knowledge that their efforts are not in vain. Along with reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill, driving up recycling is our top priority and we shouldn’t let a few scare stories in the media divert us from this important endeavour.”

Londoners can download the Recycle for London game by visiting

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