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Modern wastewater technology scores points for LEED certification of green buildings


Source: EnviroChemie GmbH

More and more customers require that the technology they install for water and wastewater treatment meets their LEED criteria (LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Category 2 certification requires that applicants for LEED certification supply details of water consumption and efficiency. Which is why the technology used for wastewater treatment is of major importance.

EnviroChemie engineers install energy efficient components, re-use the heat which is generated, recycle resources and generate biogas from treated wastewater with high levels of organic contamination. For our customers, this means significantly lower operating costs compared to using traditional water technologies. At the same time, the water-saving and energy efficient systems score important points for LEED certification.

The Nordea House and Green Corner office complexes built by SKANSKA in Warsaw meet the top LEED criteria for sustainable and environmentally conscious construction, and received the Platinum LEED certificate, the highest possible level.

EnviroChemie supplied grey water recycling plants for both buildings, which process the grey water from showers and hand-basins. It is then re-used to flush the toilets. A significant contribution to saving fresh water.

And we have already implemented systems for water and wastewater treatment for industrial customers which meet the LEED criteria.

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