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Modern water launches flagship trace metal monitor


Source: Modern Water - Monitoring Division

Modern Water plc (AIM:MWG), the owner of leading water technologies for the production of fresh water and monitoring of water quality, today launches the OVA7000 Dual Cell, a new product which is part of its popular trace metal analyser product portfolio. The OVA7000 Dual Cell has been designed to extend the range of detectable metals to up to ten in a single unit and offers 24 hour monitoring of three to six sample streams, both of which represent great advances on existing technology.

The new analyser uses voltammetry to detect metals in liquid applications. Voltammetry is an internationally accepted detection method which offers an alternative solution to lengthy laboratory analysis and is used in all of Modern Water’s OVA product range. It can be used to detect contaminants in rivers, lakes, groundwater and the sea; to monitor process and drinking water quality; and industrial and municipal wastewater discharges. Modern Water’s OVA products have proven to offer cost effective, accurate and real time solutions to trace metals monitoring in a range of environments and applications across the world.

A significant advantage of the new monitor is that it has two analytical cells and each can be fitted with a different electrode whilst sharing the one pre-treatment unit. Voltammetry methods often require different electrodes in order to optimise the detection of a specific metal. By having a single unit with two electrodes, the Dual Cell allows combinations of metals that would previously have required two separate instruments.

Neil Townend, Managing Director for Modern Water’s Monitoring Division, added: “The OVA 7000 Dual Cell is an exciting addition to the trace metal product portfolio. It has been designed with careful consideration of the needs and demands of the market and provides greater flexibility of the variety of metals that can be detected in a single unit. This important new product is a key development in our already popular OVA product range.”

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Modern Water plc: Hazel Arnold. Tel: +44 (0)1483 696000. Group Marketing Manager.

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Modern Water owns, installs and operates world-leading membrane technology and develops and supplies advanced systems for water monitoring. Its shares trade on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.

Modern Water's patented forward osmosis (FO) technology can be used across a number of applications and its benefits include lower energy consumption and a reduced environmental impact. Modern Water designed and installed the world’s first commercial FO desalination plant in Oman in 2012. With a sales presence in over 60 countries, the Group's Monitoring Division includes a leading real-time continuous toxicity monitor and trace metal analysers for monitoring the quality of drinking water.

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