Modern Water - Monitoring Division
Modern Water - Monitoring Division

Modern Water’s Range of Trace Metal Monitors Invaluable to Municipalities around the World in Protecting Drinking Water


The need for municipalities around the world to protect communities against harmful trace metal contaminants in their drinking water supplies has never been greater, especially following the recent tragic drinking water events in North America, Asia and Europe. Modern Water, a leader in water quality monitoring, believes it has the answer to protecting global drinking water supplies and has spent years developing its range of cutting edge trace metal monitoring products.

Exposure to toxic trace metals such as lead, chromium, arsenic and cadmium even at very low concentrations is known to cause serious short and long term health issues. Unfortunately, in Flint, Michigan a large part of the population was exposed to lead through its drinking water over an extended period of time. The cost to fix the problem has been estimated to be in the billions of dollars, whilst the cost of the damage to the health and well-being of the people affected is incalculable. As a result of this and other similar global drinking water events, municipalities are now under increasing pressure to prove the safety of their drinking water supply.

Modern Water’s trace metal monitoring products can provide municipalities with rapid analysis of water samples, either through continuous on-line monitoring systems that allow drinking water supplies to be monitored 24/7 or through portable monitors that can analyse water samples taken at the point of use. Modern Water’s range of monitoring products for drinking water applications includes:

  • The OVA Series – The Modern Water OVA is a fully automated on-line trace metal monitor. It has been developed as a modular system to provide continuous or intermittent monitoring of trace metals in drinking water. The OVA is based on internationally recognized voltammetry technology (ASV and CSV), which provides quick and accurate determination of metals at the micrograms per liter level which is directly comparable with laboratory analysis.
  • The PDV Series - The Modern Water PDV is a portable monitor and an ideal tool for onsite monitoring and laboratory use. It offers an enhanced measurement range and VAS software for real time visualization of analytical results. Ten standard methods can be stored in the handset for stand-alone use and an unlimited number when used in conjunction with a laptop or PC. Results from the PDV are directly comparable to those obtained from AA and ICP methods. The Modern Water OVA 7000 

In addition to its range of state-of-the-art products, Modern Water has an extremely experienced global team of application and sales engineers who are able to assist customers to select the most suitable monitoring equipment for their application. The company’s two technology and development centers in New Castle, Delaware in the USA and Cambridge in the UK also provide customers with testing and laboratory support as well as training. For further information on any of the trace metal products mentioned in this release or any of Modern Water’s other monitoring products please see the Modern Water’s website or contact your local Modern Water regional office.


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