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Modern Water - Monitoring Division

Modern Water’s trace metal products support major university research project


Source: Modern Water - Monitoring Division

Modern Water plc (AIM:MWG), the owner of leading water technologies for the production of fresh water and monitoring of water quality, has sold its recently launched portable trace metal monitor, the PDV6000ultra to the University of South Wales. The university is the first British university to invest in this new product and it is hoped that there will be significant demand from other universities.

Modern Water’s PDV6000ultra monitor will be used by the University’s Sustainable Environment Research Centre for key studies into how trace metals found in industrial wastewater samples can be reduced. The research will help companies looking to reduce trace metals in their waste streams.

The university will predominantly be testing for zinc but also has plans to purchase a Modern Water SV LabCell. This extends the PDV’s range of detectable metals and enhances the levels of sensitivity.

The University of South Wales chose the PDV6000ultra because it is very easy to operate, has a very broad detection range, produces results in just 15 minutes and is also economical to use when compared to other metals monitors. As well as providing a cost effective laboratory instrument, it is also fully portable for field use and can be used to detect more than 20 different metals. Depending on the quality of the sample the PDV6000ultra can detect concentrations of some metals to exceed current drinking water standards.

Modern Water’s Managing Director for its Monitoring Division, Neil Townend, commented: “We are delighted that the University of South Wales has chosen our portable trace metal monitor for this important research project and look forward to supporting the university wherever we can.”

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