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Modern Water - Monitoring Division

Modern Water’s trace metal products support university research project amid tougher U.S. clean air standards


Source: Modern Water - Monitoring Division

Modern Water plc (AIM:MWG), the owner of leading water technologies for the production of fresh water and monitoring of water quality, has sold its portable trace metal monitor, the PDV6000plus (PDV), to Portland State University (PSU). The PDV will be used to test the level of fine particle pollution in the air and assist in meeting the revised Clean Air Act in the United States.

This sale is the latest example of Modern Water working with a top university to aid vital research. Just last month, it sold another portable trace metal monitor to the University of South Wales.

With the move earlier this year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to introduce tougher standards in the Clean Air Act, it is anticipated that the need for trace metal products, such as the PDV, will continue to increase.

The raised standards are likely to require more stringent tests for particulate air pollution to continue improving air quality across the United States. Metals contained in fine particulate matter, such as soot pollution, can have harmful effects on public health. Fine particle pollution can penetrate deep into the lungs and has been linked to a wide range of serious health effects. By 2020, 99% of counties across the Unites States are projected to meet these revised health standards.

Modern Water’s PDV6000plus monitor will be used in PSU’s study designed to accurately measure fine air particle pollution - predominantly particle-bound cadmium and lead. Cadmium is a carcinogenic air toxin, whose sources are still under investigation, while lead is another known metal air toxin (neurotoxin) that can come from industrial sources, or re-suspended road dust – left over from the days when lead was added to gasoline.

The flexibility of the PDV could allow a number of other metals (e.g., Mercury) to be measured at environmental-health-relevant levels. The PDV will be used by PSU’s chemistry department in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Professor Dean Atkinson, Portland State University Associate, said: “We chose the PDV6000plus because it offers the ability to measure toxic metals in the ppb range. This is crucial as this is what really makes the testing possible.”

Simon Humphrey, Modern Water CEO, added: “This sale highlights Modern Water’s ability to work closely with universities across the world. We are particularly pleased to help Portland State University given the importance of this research.”

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