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Modified atmosphere monitoring system


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Real-time Oxygen Monitoring for Modified Atmosphere Processing Now Possible with MAP 1000 System

Dallas, TX – OxySense®, Inc., the leader in non-invasive oxygen measurement, introduces the OxySense™ MAP 1000 system to enable real-time oxygen monitoring for modified atmosphere processing in both batch process and form, fill and seal MAP machines.

“MAP 1000 is a breakthrough for food and beverage processors whose need has never been greater for oxygen monitoring for MAP quality control in their plants,” said Peter Gerard, president and CEO of OxySense. The ability to track and document processing conditions of batches has become increasingly important due to recent food contamination crises. MAP 1000 offers the valuable ability to monitor processing and document conditions 100 percent of the time.

Requiring no sample atmosphere extraction and therefore no extraction pumps, MAP 1000 can take and log measurements as frequently as every second or, with batch systems, timing can be aligned to coincide with each and every flush cycle. MAP 1000 delivers rapid, well-timed measurement as well as the accuracy of the lab-proven OxySense system.

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