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Mohamed Abdillahi appointed Director of Wallingford Software


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Untitled Document Wallingford Software has announced the appointment of Mohamed Abdillahi to the Board of Wallingford Software Limited as Director for Software Development. Commenting on the decision, Managing Director Steve Tunstall said: “This appointment reflects Mohamed’s outstanding contribution to the development of our product portfolio during the past four years and underlines our total commitment to putting product development at the very center of our corporate development.”

Since Mohamed Abdillahi joined Wallingford Software, the company has significantly intensified its commitment to product development. In just four years Wallingford Software has released thee wholly new products – InfoWorks RS for river channel and floodplain modeling, FloodWorks for real time flood forecasting and warning, and InfoNet the industry’s first network information system for water and wastewater network infrastructure. During the same period intensive product development has extended the hydraulic, GIS and database functionality of the company’s complete product range that also includes InfoWorks CS for urban drainage network modeling and InfoWorks WS for water supply and distribution network modeling. Bespoke project-based software development has also been introduced during this period as a new source of revenue for Wallingford Software. To accommodate this rapid rate of growth the development team has almost doubled in size during the same period.

Commenting on Wallingford Software’s product development strategy, Mohamed Abdillahi said:

“No other software development company in our sector is as dedicated to rapid product development as Wallingford Software. Publicly committed to regular major releases of all our key products, Wallingford Software’s intensive development schedule reflects the eagerness of our customers and prospective customers to benefit from ever more advanced and sophisticated hydraulic modeling and network data management solutions. The high quality and technical superiority of Wallingford Software’s products are key factors in our emergence as a world leader in the very competitive hydraulic modeling marketplace.”

Immediately prior to joining Wallingford Software in 2000 as Software Development Manager, Mohamed Abdillahi held software development management positions at Shell Retail International where, as GIS Manager, he was responsible for software development used in more than fifty countries for network planning, marketing and environment risk assessment. Mohamed joined Shell from The Automobile Association (AA) where as Manager, Cartographic and Routes Systems, he was instrumental in the development of the software for the cartographic and routing applications used in the AA’s renowned mapping products.

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Wallingford Software Limited produces market leading software tools for the water industry. Products include data management and network modeling software to support planning and operations in water distribution, sewerage provision, river management and coastal engineering. Water authorities, consulting engineers and academic institutions worldwide, use the company’s flagship solution, InfoWorks.

Headquartered in the town of Wallingford, England, UK, Wallingford Software has offices in the United States, Malaysia, China and Australia and distributors throughout the rest of the world. Wallingford Software is the software products and systems company within the HR Wallingford Group.

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