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Moisture and toxic contamination primary health problems in hurricane recovery


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Even though the devastation of the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana by hurricanes Ike and Gustav has been pushed out of the national conscience by financial crisis and a hotly contested election, the fact remains that these areas are in dire need of assistance of long term solutions to the lasting effects of wind and water damage. The damage wreaked on these Coastal regions has left millions with homes and businesses that have been water soaked due to flood and rain. The unchecked effects can last for decades creating a condition called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). In a nutshell the off-gassing of decaying contaminants will continue for an extremely long period of time.

These contaminants were introduced into these buildings by black water (water mixed with raw sewage) associated with flooding. Additionally the heavy rain that gained access to the interior of structures in this region was obviously allowed to stand for long periods of time and became a breeding ground for Mold and Mildew which creates an entirely different set of problems from decaying waste. However both of these major sources of concern can be alleviated by one company, the Aquron Corporation.

The situation is actually easy to understand. Now that the water has receded, these facilities in the region have been left with water and contamination soaked concrete slabs. Homes and businesses have lost carpet, wood, vinyl, and coatings caused by floodwaters. These concrete surfaces are soaked with black water contamination caused by septic tanks, water treatment facilities and chemical plants. Additionally, the soil is saturated and concrete will continue to experience moisture migration conditions.

However, the worst case scenario is when concrete has a vapor barrier underneath the slab. The vapor barrier acts as a bowl, trapping the water and encapsulating it for very slow evaporation through the concrete porosity. The vapor barrier will hold the contaminates (toxic waste) and once the slabs do eventually dry the contaminates are left in the slab to off-gas and infect habitants in the facility causing respiratory problems and other health issues. Aquron can halt moisture migration and neutralize this toxic contamination.

The end result of Aquron's aggressive treatment of these conditions is that when these facilities are re-inhabited you will not only have a clean, dry, non-toxic environment but you will also have alleviated the food (water source) for future black mold and other health threatening parasite growth.

All projects are contracted through contractors that have attended and graduated the Aquron School of Contracting. These contractors are held to the highest professional standards of the industry and the Aquron Corporation. Should you desire to have the aforestated rehabilitation and protection contact us at 800-342-4649 or for consultation on how your facility can be restored.

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